Inspiration From Quotes

At the beginning of some books authors share quotes that have inspired them while writing the book. We, the audience, read the quotes, get into a certain mood, and then start the book, knowing the message that the author aims to convey. It is a very smart way of telling your audience what they can expect from your book, without limiting their imagination. Continue reading

History in Colors

When we think about the past, we imagine it as dusty or blurred, like far away memories that are out of our reach. We usually don’t give much thought to black and white photos since they are from a distant time and place. When the reality is captured in black and white, it seems like the essence is faded too. The reality, however, has always colors.

While researching the photos of 1917 Russia, we have come across with an interesting article. Continue reading

Marking the Time

Time is a very complicated and deep concept. Different experiences change our perspective and some years feel longer, depending on how much we grow.

As we research the past and listen to stories, time fades. Story telling is so powerful that it can erase the distance and unfamiliarity of time.

doctor zhivago

I am reading Pasternak’s Doctor Zhivago, and one sentence particularly stood out to me: Continue reading