Listening To Music While Writing

I write I write I write…

This was how I start writing if I do not feel like writing at the moment. My Playwriting Professor taught the technique, telling that if you start writing, anything, the rest will come. I agree that in order to write, you need to start writing. Maybe it is not that simple, but the first step brings the rest.

Even though inspirations are helpful for new ideas and sentences, you cannot wait for inspiration to write. Sometimes you need to start writing and invite the inspiration. Listening to music helps me set the mood of my writing.

Yann Tiersen’s music always brakes the blockage for me, I have written a lot while listening to his music. If you loved Amelie, the movie, I assume you know Yann Tiersen for the wonderful soundtrack.


I believe that feeding the senses brings new ideas or perspectives. Here are a couple of songs I like to listen while I write (for this post all from Yann Tiersen):

  • Soir De Fete
  • La Plage
  • Sur Le Fil
  • La Veillée
  • La Lettre D’explication

I am curious what other songs people listens while they write. If you have any suggestions feel free to comment.



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