Take a Break, Remember Why

Taking a break from writing can be useful to refresh your ideas. There are many writers who advise to leave the synopsis, or an idea pitch for awhile, and when you return to your writing you can develop it with a new perspective. This is why we haven’t been writing a new post for our blog since the beginning of April. We have spent so much time on starting the blog and having the social media ready; we needed a break to remember why we have started this journey. (Of course there are other reasons like midterms, classes and piled up assignments.)

We love writing and it is what we want to do. We do not know where the journey takes us. It takes some courage to write in a different language rather than your native language, but it is exciting! We keep writing in Turkish, why not write in English and offer another point of view?

We learn a lot along the way. We research, dream, remember and read. We aim to make the reader feel whole.

Reading reminds us that we are all connected in a way. So we write.


Övgü & Öykü

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