What Makes Us Buy the Book We Are Holding?

Bookstores and libraries are magical places full of stories. As we wander around and look at the shelves, we see numerous titles and colorful covers. Whispers from each book reach our ears and we choose the book with the loudest whisper, or the one that manages to talk to us. 

How can a book talk to us?

There is a deciding period in bookstores: which book should I buy? The title is the first hook and the cover contributes to the effectiveness of the title. Have you seen a book with a title and nothing else on the cover? It attracts our attention because it is different; the simplicity calls us. The title is used to its fullest in the emptiest cover. Paradoxically engaging!

Long titles like sentences are also grabbing because the title itself offers a story and you know the rest is inside. 

One letter titles provide only a little background for the story but it is really interesting because of the uncertainty and all the possible meanings. Thomas Pynchon’s novel V. is probably one of the earliest use of one letter title. F, a novel by Daniel Kehlmann, is an example to one letter titled books. Howard Jacobson’s novel J has won Man Booker Prize. 


I like to think about the titles and the covers of the books I like. Are there any that you can think of?

Let us know in the comments!



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