Questions We Hear The Most as Twins

“Are you twins?”

This is the most common question we get. We have been through so many twin moments that we thought we should share some of these stories here on this blog under a new category.

There are typical twin moments that almost all twins go through, like name mistakes, and regular mix ups. Although we hear similar questions over and over again, we don’t get tired of these questions, because, why would we?

Here is a list of some of the questions we hear the most:

Are you twins?

There are not many creative responses though we can think of some, but they may sound mean, so we answer “yes”, simple and succinct.

Which one of you is smarter/faster/etc?

Well, it is hard to answer. Impossible to be objective…

-Which one of you is older?

Öykü, just a minute older. (It doesn’t really count, right?)

-Do you ever mix up yourself?

People really ask this question. It may be a joke; it is highly probable that it is a joke, but when many ask this question we stop and think, are they serious?

There are other questions too, and we will keep posting about twin stories every now and then. If you are interested stay tuned, and let us know your ideas in the comments!


Övgü & Öykü

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