Revisiting Children’s Books, Where All is Well

I love making lists. Simply writing everything down, categorized by the title, is always helpful and satisfying. Packing List, Things To Do List, Shopping List… Organization is only one of the reasons I keep lists of things. The other reason is to see and remember. Therefore, I have a list I keep every year: “The Books I Read in the Summer of 2015 (the current year)”.

It has been at least 10 years since I first started. I write the name of the book, the writer and the number of pages. Then I compare the list to last year’s to see how the page numbers or the number of the books changed. I know that the quality of the books is more important than the number of pages or the quantity of the books; but let’s be honest, seeing many books in the list would make anyone feel proud. As I grew up, the list got more serious and a little bit shorter, because I don’t read those thin children or young adult books I used to read years ago.

This year though, in my list I have one book which is different than the other ‘serious’ books. It is a funny children’s book, one of Horrid Henry books by Francesca Simon. I actually loved it; it was almost like watching a cartoon, which I do frequently. I am planning to read the other Horrid Henry book on my grandmother’s bookshelf. She loves children’s books.

Horrid Henry books

Horrid Henry books

I find it especially comforting to read children’s books when I am bored or when I want to feel that all is well.

Apart from this children’s book, I am reading 6 or 7 books at the same time. I switch from one to another as I wish, so I cannot finish them as fast as I would if I read one by one. However I like the freedom of reading a book I love without the pressure of finishing the other book.

This is how I spend most of my summer.



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