Journals of Inspiration 

Collection of inspirations – it can be a sketchbook for an artist, a recorder for a songwriter, or a journal for a writer – matters a lot when the times comes to creativity.

In high school we had sketch books for our drawings. Now, we have journals full of ideas, sentences and paragraphs. An inspiration can be a piece of news from a newspaper, a title in a magazine, or a sentence that keeps rolling in your head. A picture, for example, is a great way to get ideas for writing.

In our journals we have napkins with notes, notebook pages and clippings.

Keeping a journal of inspirations also make you alert for details around you; sometimes a dialogue between two strangers brings you an idea.

Ovgu’s little notebook of inspirations

You don’t need big size journals, even a little notebook works! We have a couple for both of us.

Of course, thanks to the technology, we can save our ideas on our phones too. Phones can keep notes, photos and recordings. However, we believe that phones can never take the place of a notebook and a pen.

Do you keep a notebook, or prefer your phone to take note of inspirations? Let us know in the comments!


Ovgu and Oyku

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