Change Places to Change Prespectives

Every traveller knows that every place you visit has something special for you, because one view tells a different story for every different traveller. Öykü and I have travelled a lot, after we have started high school away from our hometown. Actually ‘changing places’ is a better way of describing our life. Then, a new phase has begun
for us – comparison. We could see what others didn’t see in Istanbul. We loved little details that most people took granted for.

When we came to the US we compared our new life to where we have lived before and what we have seen. By the word ‘comparison’, I don’t mean a superficial way of looking at two different places and finding differences and similarities between them. What I mean is much deeper – beneath the faces, dialogues, and view, listening to a story that you have never heard of. This makes me write.

The time between being a foreigner at a new place and getting used to that place teaches a great deal. Of course, some funny moments happen since we are foreigners. Oyku and I have pronounced many things wrong, caused some awkward silences because we were not used to the culture and the language, and thus we have collected some stories.

I haven’t realized these beauties before I travelled out of my hometown. Traveling back teaches too!

If you don’t have a chance to travel, try changing place and your perspective. Here are some tips:

  • Try a new route on your daily walking or driving path
  • Visit the view you see from your window and look at your house
  • Discover a new place in your hometown and think as if you are a foreigner to that place
  • Imagine bringing a friend from far away and introducing your hometown. (You will learn a lot from yourself.)

Changing places teaches a great deal, because in this way you can change your perspective. You learn a fresh way to look at everyday life.

How do you change your perspective? You can share on the comments below!



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