When You Lose Someone… A Simple Mathematical Consolation

Writing in another language gives a freedom of expression and discovery. Although it is perfectly fine and possible to express and discover in your native language, you are tied to the words and meanings.

Sometimes a little detachment can offer new forms of attachments.

Life wants us to make sense of what is going on and sometimes it gets hard. We learned that we lost a friend from high school a week ago and the past week has been baffling.


When making sense of death gets difficult, make sense of life instead.

If we think life as three dimensional (in the most simplistic way), memories are two dimensional. Then we can assume our friend to be alive in the two dimensional space, in our memories. The past is continuously being relived when remembered, so people live in memories, in a way.

This mathematical (and philosophical) consolation might be helpful when you need to detach from the feelings.


Övgü and Öykü

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