First Thanksgiving with Hot Pot

Although we had read or watched things about Thanksgiving since our childhood, our first Thanksgiving was nowhere near the traditional American way.

For our first Thanksgiving (first year of college), we went to a Continue reading

Life with Louie – A Humorous Approach to Childhood 

Media carries cultures across borders. Movies, TV shows, songs, and even cartoons teach cultures, values and assumptions more than we can imagine. Much of what we learned about America and American culture was rooted in an American cartoon called ‘Life with Louie’ that takes place in Wisconsin. We always watched it in Turkish, so when we saw the original version Continue reading

Majoring in Economics 

Being a senior in college made me realize that I am going to be an Economist  (capitalized, because it is a big deal!) in about 150 days!

At the beginning of our first year at college Öykü and I weren’t sure what to major in; we were thinking about economics, because we had eliminated almost all other majors but we had no idea about supply and demand curves.

Although we decided to go for Economics classes after Continue reading