Majoring in Economics 

Being a senior in college made me realize that I am going to be an Economist  (capitalized, because it is a big deal!) in about 150 days!

At the beginning of our first year at college Öykü and I weren’t sure what to major in; we were thinking about economics, because we had eliminated almost all other majors but we had no idea about supply and demand curves.

Although we decided to go for Economics classes after eliminating the other options, we ended up really loving the topic. Once someone told us that she hates economics because it is all about money and profits (not the best thing to say to economics majors). We do learn about budget, costs and profits but the main aim of these numbers, calculations and models is to understand the implications, like what policies can be imposed to target an economic problem like food insecurity or income distribution inequality. Economics help us to develop tools for a better world ideally; whether we can use these tools effectively or not is whole another story.


Öykü is quite happy about modeling for this image 🙂

For the past four years, Öykü and I have been spending hours on our assignments; we have been through statistics, econometrics, and some high level math courses, learning about income distribution, international trade, economics of development, monetary and fiscal policies, foreign direct investment, terms of trade, poverty, food insecurity and mathematical explanations of economic models. At the end of this academic year, we will earn the title of being Economists.

Now that we are seniors, it is time to add Economists title in our website!

Maybe we write economics-related posts in the future…



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