A Link to Happiness: Self Respect

Self respect is the key to make right decisions. We need to respect our own thoughts, feelings, confusions, wishes and dreams. No one can really know what our dream is or what we are actually thinking and feeling.

self respect

Isn’t it difficult to express the real ‘me’? Isn’t it sad that we often choose what is offered and do not share our actual abilities?

Most of us don’t know our personal power and therefore we lose all the possibilities that can make the world wonderful. It can sound romantic or even utopic, but there needs to be more for us, for happiness, peace, fulfillment, energy, success, ease and love.


Choosing what you love to do is a form of self respect. You should be happy to be helpful for others and to make others happy. You should remember your dreams and never give up. You should choose for yourself to reflect the good in you for the others.

self respect3

The world would be a better place if people could get to do what they really love.

Love what you do and do what you love. This should be right. Let’s make it as easy as it sounds.

This might be your New Year Resolution, because we are still in January.



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