20 Books in 2020 | JOIN US!

We are inviting you to join our 2020 goal of reading more books!

Every year, people look back on the previous year and think about the things they have done, people they met, what they have accomplished and so on. We also think about new resolution for the new year. Oyku and I also did that many times and we have blog posts about it for the years 2016 and 2017. For the last two years, we have become more abstract with our new year wishes, like being happy, taking time to relax and have fun, spending time for things we love. These are precious goals, but they are not tangible or quantifiable.

This year, for the wonderful year 2020, –

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2020de 20 Kitap ve diğer yeni yıl hedeflerimiz | SİZ DE KATILIN!

Sizi yeni yıl hedefimize ortak olmaya davet ediyoruz! Okumaya devam edin ve bize katılın!

Çoğumuz yeni yıla girerken geçmiş yıla bir göz atar neler olmuş düşünürüz. Tabbi bir de yeni yıl için birçok hedef koyarız kendimize. Eskiden blogda paylaşıyorduk: 2016ya girerken ve 2017 hedefleri. Son iki yılda ise yeni yıl hedeflerimiz daha soyut hale gelmişti. Basit duyulabilir ama –

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