Planting Pineapples at Home?

Probably you have have come across with one of those videos where they show you how to grown your plant at home. These are quick videos of how to grow fruits and vegetables from seeds, how to make your plant flourish, how to propagate cacti or succulents, and how to take care of your succulents. Among them, there are some unbelievable videos like the ones that show how to grow kiwi inside a banana – come on, don’t play with our feelings!

Anyways, we saw a video about growing your own pineapple at home and decided to give it a try. We normally don’t buy whole pineapples, in fact we seldomly buy pineapples in any form, but we realized it is a good excuse to buy it for planting. We had missed the taste too, of course. We cut the head of it, detached two to three lines of the bottom leaves like it showed in the video and simply placed it in a pot of soil.


Nothing happened.

Then we got suspicious about the trustworthiness of the video, was it lying? But these things happen, people who grow succulents know that by simply placing a leaf of most succulents you can have a new plant. Propagating is a magical and admirable process.

After some time, when we saw that the leaves of the pineapple top started to deteriorate, we decided to research more about it. (It would be more logical to research before we plant it, but oh well) According to our fast research, the method was not wrong, but we had to wait until the part that we detached the leaves dry before planting, and we didn’t wait. Maybe we were impatient.

Taking care of plants teaches patience and the value of labor. In fact, the nature teaches us fundamental virtues that we need in life. That’s why having and taking care of plants is lovely.

We are left with this photo from this little backstory. Maybe someday we can try again.

I would like to thank Oyku for spreading her love of plants to me.



P.S. We would like to hear from you if your tried planting pineapple at home. Did it work or not? Share in the comments!

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