A Link to Happiness: Self Respect

Self respect is the key to make right decisions. We need to respect our own thoughts, feelings, confusions, wishes and dreams. No one can really know what our dream is or what we are actually thinking and feeling.

self respect

Isn’t it difficult to express the real ‘me’? Isn’t it sad that we often choose what is offered and do not share our actual abilities?

Most of us don’t know Continue reading

How We Met Khaled Hosseini – New Youtube Video

Check out our latest video on Youtube! We talked about how we met the famous author Khaled Hosseini. We were at Skidmore College doing our Citizenship Project for our Honors Forum Minor. In Saratoga Springs we led a book discussion at a nursing home and it was a wonderful experience!

We have the Turkish version of this video too. You can find it in our Youtube Channel!

An Autodidact Freedom Searcher – Gorky

For the last couple of years, whenever I gazed over the shelves of the bookcase, this book attracted my attention. Finally I had a chance to read it: True Stories by Maxim Gorky.

Some books are fun and easy to read, while some give a different kind of literary satisfaction. Gorky’s stories are not difficult to read, but they also have that sweet taste of literature. It has been a long time since I read such a literary work and it felt good.

I just finished the book and I wanted to write a post about it. Characters are described quite well, I felt like I already know these people who lived more than a century ago. Some of the stories tell folk stories, some have epic sounds, but all have realistic approach to character descriptions, and they all tell the search for freedom. Many parts have long philosophical parts about freedom, meaning of life, and change in life styles as people move towards cities.


In this image, two grass-heads accompany the book, True Stories by Maxim Gorky.

One of the parts that loved about this book is the beautiful imagery! Many of the stories have impressive descriptions of sea, wind and the appearance of the characters. Continue reading

“But we didn’t change places!” A vlog

We posted a new video, which actually not really new. It took a long time to edit this one, because, you know, summer…

Video editting takes time and energy. We have been postponing it. But why let them get old without being watched? 

So we are back to vlogging friends! 

Here is the video:

Tears of Love

The title sounds lame but wait until you read this post.

A few weeks ago we went to a florist.  The owner has turned his large backyard of his little house to a plant storage, almost a plant-house and now he cultivates seedlings of citrus, jasmine and bougainvilleas. He also sells pots of flowers, mostly to be planted, and a very small collection of succulents. Oyku and I love succulents and when we went near them we saw a different looking plant. We had seen that plant for the first time in our lives and before we could ask about it the owner told the name: ‘Tears of Love’. It seemed as if this was one of his favorites. He explained that the plant doesn’t have flowers, but when a little bud drops on the soil, a new plant grows from there.

We think this plant is a succulent or a type of cactus (forgive our lack of knowledge about succulents and cacti; we may not know much, but we are admirers) and propogation is possible with the small buds. We wonder Continue reading

Design is in love with emotions

Design is a good friend of technology. Computer brings them together and we see their collaboration in various forms, like web-design, architecture, fashion, visuals… However, design is in love with emotions; therefore, trends rise from the human effects like passion, love, envy, inadequacy and longing.

That is why there are two ends of development for design. As we move to a modern and space-like design trends with the help of technology, we also move towards the ethnic and rarest bits of culture that make us feel unique and safe, in a way. We want oriental elements with modern details.

These photos are from Elmaci Pazari in Gaziantep, Turkey. Since we were born in there, we always found the ethnic elements as the typical details of life. However, as we traveled outside this city for our education, first to Istanbul then to the US, we started to grasp the meaning of culture, and the depth of past. We realized that Continue reading

Örgülü Saç Modeli Challenge – Örgülü Taç ve Balıksırtı Örgü Nasıl Yapılır?

Yeni videomuzda örgülü saç modelleri deniyoruz. Öykü örgülü taç, Övgü balıksırtı ikili örgü modelini yaptı. Hangimizin daha güzel yaptığına bakmak isterseniz:

We did two braid hairstyles in our latest YouTube video. Öykü tried braided hairband, and Övgü tried the Frenchbraid. If you want to see whose is the best you can watch above. Thank you 😊 


Övgü ve Öykü

En Son Videomuzun Perde Arkası

Meyveleri ağaçlarında görmek artık pek mümkün değil. Ne güzel eskiden evlerin bahçelerinde kiraz ağaçları, elma ağaçları olurmuş. Şimdi apartmanların arasında saklanmış bir kayısı ağacı gördüğümüzde seviniyoruz. Biz de fırsatını bulunca doğada bir gezintiye çıktık ve Antep fıstığı, zeytin, ceviz ve erikleri dalında gördük.

En son paylaştığımız videoda bu gezimize yer verdik. Ağaçların etrafında dolandık, hatta bir tanesine ikimiz de tırmandık. Gerçi inmek konusunda pek becerikli değildik! Halbuki alçak ağaçlardı, ama pratiğimiz yok.

Ziyaret ettiğimiz ağaçlar arasında zeytin, fıstık, erik, ceviz ve asma vardı. Bu meyvelerin henüz olgunlaşmamış hallerini gördük, tabii bir de kuşlar tarafından gagalanmış erikleri!

Düzeltmek istediğimiz bir konu var. Video başında çağla ağacına da gittiğimizi söylüyoruz, ama sonra kamerada o görüntüleri bulamadığımız için videoya koyamadık. Bu arada, çağla büyünce badem, erik veya kayısı oluyormuş. Bizim ziyaret ettiğimiz ağaç hangisiydi bilemedik.

Bir de videoda fıstık sakızından bahsettik. O esnada ne işe yaradığını bilmiyorduk, sonra kısaca araştırdık. Mideye iyi gelirmiş, iltihap için ve çeşitli merhem yapımlarında kullanılabilirmiş. Bunları da yeni öğrenmiş olduk.

Umarız izlerken siz de bizim çekerken eğlendiğimiz gibi eğlenirsiniz!


Övgü ve Öykü

On the Birthday of a Turkish Poet, Özdemir Asaf

Today is the birthday of Özdemir Asaf, who passed away 36 years ago and still remembered dearly by Turkish literature fans.

We got quite interested in literature when we were in high school, and Özdemir Asaf was one of the poets who taught us how deep and sophisticated Turkish language can be. Even his shortest poems are enough to make us think.

We wanted to remember him on his birthday.

He has a lot of poems and it is hard to pick the favorite ones, but to give an idea we wanted to write the names of his poems that we love.

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New Youtube Video – Noisy Makeup Challenge

This is a continuation video. In the previous video, Oyku tried to do an iconic makeup on Ovgu. It turned out differently. In this video Ovgu is trying to do same makeup on Oyku.
This was truly a challenge! Especially because of the background noise…

Bu bir devam videosu. Önceki videoda Öykü Övgü’ye Türkan Şoray makyajı yapmaya çalışmıştı ama farklı bir şey çıktı ortaya. Bu kez Övgü Öykü’ye makyaj yapıyor.
Oldukça zor ve farklı oldu, özellikle de arka plan sesinden dolayı…