Fıstıktan Yapılan Kahve: Menengiç Kahvesi – Coffee Made With Pistachios: Menengic Coffee

Hiç fıstıktan kahve olur mu?

Olur. Menengiç kahvesi yabani fıstıktan yapılıyormuş ve doğal olarak kafein içermiyor. Tadı pek kahveye benzemiyor. Adına aldanıp kahve diye içince garip bile gelebilir ama aslında kendine has yağlı ama güzel bir tadı var.

Gaziantep’te doğal olarak (fıstığın merkezi olduğundan) birçok yerde, lokantalarda kafelerde bulunuyor ama İstanbul’da karşılaştığımı hatırlamıyorum. Eğer karşınıza çıkarsa denemelisiniz. Özellikle sütlü ve şekerli harika oluyor.


Türk kahvesi gibi görünüyor ama aslında sütlü ve tadı farklı – Looks like Turkish Coffee but this tastes different and has milk in it. Photo from:

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New Year Resolutions 2 – Yeni Yıl Kararları 2

Last year Ovgu wrote New Year’s resolution blogpost so I wanted to write mine this year. These small resolutions help us to bring new beginnings to our lives and we discover what we can do more.

One of my New Year’s resolutions is exercising more (as if I am exercising at all now). I am not going to go far though, just exercising in a somewhat systematic way. To be honest I really want to try pilates when I look at the celebrity instagram posts about pilates, but pilates is not among my 2017 resolutions this year. I am thinking Continue reading

Şükran Gününde Öğretmenlerimize Teşekkür – Thanking our Teachers on Thanksgiving Day

Bu sene güzel bir tesadüfle Öğretmenler Günü ve Şükran günü aynı tarihe denk geldi. Biz de bu güzel ve anlamlı günde şimdiye kadarki tüm öğretmenlerimize teşekkür etmek istedik. Sadece dersleri değil hayatı da öğrettikleri için ve topluma katkıda bulunmanın en güzel ve en etkili yolunu seçtikleri için teşekkürler!


Her zaman okulu çok sevdik, hala da seviyoruz. Çok çalışıp bir şeyler başarmak için birçok neden var hayatta; başarılı olmak, güzel bir eğitim hak etmek, daha iyi okullar, işler vs için çalışıyoruz tabii ki hepimiz. Ama biz bir de Continue reading

Graduating and more… | Mezuniyet ve dahası…

It’s been a while since we wrote our last post. In the mean time we graduated from college and freaked out about graduating even though we are starting graduate school this fall. We are so used to school life – having many friends around all the time, and having some kind of duty like assignments or projects – that finishing this kind of life style seems hard. We feel like we don’t know any other way of life, because school has always been the center of our lives.

For a long time, it did not feel real that Continue reading

One of those twin problems…|İkizlik sorunlarından biri…

We are getting closer to our graduation. So senior portraits, caps and gowns, rings and all the other graduation-related things are in queue. We recently got our senior portraits, and again, being twins caused some misunderstandings.

In the past, especially when we were in elementary school, our yearbook pictures used to be a problem. Usually the photographer cancelled one of our pictures, thinking Continue reading

First Year Anniversary – 1. Yıl Dönümü

A couple of days ago our blog had its first anniversary! We wanted to share what motivates and inspires us to continue writing for this blog. Here are the highlights of our blog for the past year:

  • Communicating our love of Life with Louie cartoon, and connecting with its creator Louie Anderson. He liked our post and followed us on Twitter! We love the power of writing and communication. If someone told this to us when we were little twins watching Life with Louie, we would go crazy – we still did. (You can read that post here.)

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Wrong names on Starbucks cups – Kahve bardaklarında yanlış isimler

When you have an unusual name, it is hard to get a Starbucks coffee with your name written right on the cup. My name is Öykü and after living in the US for some time, I already gave up hoping people to understand my name for the first take. With the dots, or umlauts like in German, my name is already hard to pronounce. Ö sounds like Continue reading

Some thoughts for such a pink day… | Böylesine pembe bir gün üzerine düşünceler…

For the past week we have came across with so many conflicting comments on Valentines Day; some think it is narrow-minded to celebrate your love and valentine on a specific day, while some believe that it is just a nice excuse to spend a day with your significant other. We all acknowledge that these kind of days (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc.) are found for the sake of economy, that the gifts and chocolates we buy on these days help the economy grow. It is a commercial day, but it can be a nice way to remember love.

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And it snows again – Karlar düşer…

There is something peaceful with snow. Everything gets covered with soft white flurries and after some point quiescence fills the streets. Get something warm to drink while covered with a blanket and look up to the sky and try watching the snow flakes fall down; it is greatly soothing, like meditating.

Snow is joyous especially for children. We used to pray for it to snow, so that we could build snow man and just play with it until we got so cold. Not to mention Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions – Yeni Yıl Kararları

New year brings new dreams and decisions, and we promise to make some changes in our lives. I made a small research on new year’s resolutions and found out many lists of ‘most broken new year’s resolutions’ and recommended resolutions for new year. I guess we love promises as much as we love breaking them.

One of the resolutions that I break the most is becoming fit, and I think most people struggle with this decision. However, I don’t wait the new year to come to realize that I have broken this decision, so I promise myself every season again again.

Another decision that we love to break is Continue reading