“But we didn’t change places!” A vlog

We posted a new video, which actually not really new. It took a long time to edit this one, because, you know, summer…

Video editting takes time and energy. We have been postponing it. But why let them get old without being watched? 

So we are back to vlogging friends! 

Here is the video:

Yeni Video | Ama Biz Yer Değiştirmemiştik!

Yoğun gündemden bunaldıysanız, kafa dağıtmak istiyorsanız en son yayınladığımız videoya bir göz atabilirsiniz! Bu kısacık videoda bir ikizlik anısı anlattık, sohbet gibi oldu. Umarız beğenirsiniz!

Örgülü Saç Modeli Challenge – Örgülü Taç ve Balıksırtı Örgü Nasıl Yapılır?

Yeni videomuzda örgülü saç modelleri deniyoruz. Öykü örgülü taç, Övgü balıksırtı ikili örgü modelini yaptı. Hangimizin daha güzel yaptığına bakmak isterseniz:

We did two braid hairstyles in our latest YouTube video. Öykü tried braided hairband, and Övgü tried the Frenchbraid. If you want to see whose is the best you can watch above. Thank you 😊 


Övgü ve Öykü

One of those twin problems…|İkizlik sorunlarından biri…

We are getting closer to our graduation. So senior portraits, caps and gowns, rings and all the other graduation-related things are in queue. We recently got our senior portraits, and again, being twins caused some misunderstandings.

In the past, especially when we were in elementary school, our yearbook pictures used to be a problem. Usually the photographer cancelled one of our pictures, thinking Continue reading

That Time When We Changed Places with My Twin Sister and…

“Have you ever changed places?”

This is a question we hear a lot. Actually we heard it so many times that in high school we were convinced that we needed to change places, at least once, just to see what happened. Continue reading

Questions We Hear The Most as Twins

“Are you twins?”

This is the most common question we get. We have been through so many twin moments that we thought we should share some of these stories here on this blog under a new category.

There are typical twin moments that almost all twins go through, like name mistakes, and regular mix ups. Although we hear similar questions over and over again, we don’t get tired of these questions, because, why would we?

Here is a list of some of the questions we hear the most: Continue reading