Does Santa Claus exist? – Noel Baba gerçek mi?

I believed in Santa Claus until I was in third grade. Santa – Noel Baba – as I called him, would bring Ovgu and me presents every new year.  Jan 1st mornings Ovgu and I would search for our presents and sometimes it would be under our pillows or the small tree in the living room. Sometimes we would get presents even during the year, because we were good children (Thanks mom!). That was enough of a reason to realize something was off, but I was young and naive and happy to hear that I was a good child.


One day I was sitting in the class and I wondered what Santa brought to my desk mate. It was a couple days later than the New Years day.

-Mehmet, what did Noel Baba bring to you?

-Noel Baba? There is no such thing! Your parents lied to you!

While he was laughing, I understood that he was a Continue reading

Life with Louie – A Humorous Approach to Childhood 

Media carries cultures across borders. Movies, TV shows, songs, and even cartoons teach cultures, values and assumptions more than we can imagine. Much of what we learned about America and American culture was rooted in an American cartoon called ‘Life with Louie’ that takes place in Wisconsin. We always watched it in Turkish, so when we saw the original version Continue reading