Making of Lion King, Julie Taymor and more – Aslan Kral Perde Arkası, Julie Taymor ve dahası

A few years ago, when I was an intern at Walt Disney Turkey I have read a book about the making of Lion King Musical. At the time I haven’t seen the musical, but I had heard a lot about the creative costumes and the design. The book introduced me to Julie Taymor, the director and the designer of the Lion King musical. Taymor’s acclaimed design and the puppet-costumes brought her many Tony Awards and also admiration of Broadway-lovers.

We saw the Lion King musical last spring as an Honors Forum trip at Skidmore College. It was amazing!

Half a year later, Continue reading

Graduating and more… | Mezuniyet ve dahası…

It’s been a while since we wrote our last post. In the mean time we graduated from college and freaked out about graduating even though we are starting graduate school this fall. We are so used to school life – having many friends around all the time, and having some kind of duty like assignments or projects – that finishing this kind of life style seems hard. We feel like we don’t know any other way of life, because school has always been the center of our lives.

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And it snows again – Karlar düşer…

There is something peaceful with snow. Everything gets covered with soft white flurries and after some point quiescence fills the streets. Get something warm to drink while covered with a blanket and look up to the sky and try watching the snow flakes fall down; it is greatly soothing, like meditating.

Snow is joyous especially for children. We used to pray for it to snow, so that we could build snow man and just play with it until we got so cold. Not to mention Continue reading

Majoring in Economics 

Being a senior in college made me realize that I am going to be an Economist  (capitalized, because it is a big deal!) in about 150 days!

At the beginning of our first year at college Öykü and I weren’t sure what to major in; we were thinking about economics, because we had eliminated almost all other majors but we had no idea about supply and demand curves.

Although we decided to go for Economics classes after Continue reading