First Year Anniversary – 1. Yıl Dönümü

A couple of days ago our blog had its first anniversary! We wanted to share what motivates and inspires us to continue writing for this blog. Here are the highlights of our blog for the past year:

  • Communicating our love of Life with Louie cartoon, and connecting with its creator Louie Anderson. He liked our post and followed us on Twitter! We love the power of writing and communication. If someone told this to us when we were little twins watching Life with Louie, we would go crazy – we still did. (You can read that post here.)

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Race is Not Limited With the Appearance; Appearance is A ‘Single Story’

As an international student I have given so many opportunities to think about what I am doing here in the US. No, not in a negative light – and by the passive voice in the sentence before this, I try to tell that not only I think about the fact I am a foreigner, but also I am surrounded by factors that remind me that I am a foreigner.

Being a foreigner starts with (sometimes) traveling. A person learns about herself the most when she travels out of home to live in another country. I travelled out home for high school; it was a travel within the country, and then I travelled out of home for college in the US. Both transitions were interesting and sometimes difficult because of the cultural differences.

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The Vulnerability of Eye Contact, the Power of Communication

Looking into someone’s eyes must be one of the most special moments in life. Keeping the gaze, being locked into someone’s eyes must be the most precious moment in life. It is like opening doors for the person in front you, and letting yourself to be vulnerable.

Even though most people may never accept the truth, there are few people who can actually look into the eyes of the person in front of them. For many, it is very difficult to hold the gaze while they listen to or talk to that person. Have you ever paid attention where you look at when you talk to someone? The nose? The mouth? Or that freckle somewhere on the face?

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