Örgülü Saç Modeli Challenge – Örgülü Taç ve Balıksırtı Örgü Nasıl Yapılır?

Yeni videomuzda örgülü saç modelleri deniyoruz. Öykü örgülü taç, Övgü balıksırtı ikili örgü modelini yaptı. Hangimizin daha güzel yaptığına bakmak isterseniz:

We did two braid hairstyles in our latest YouTube video. Öykü tried braided hairband, and Övgü tried the Frenchbraid. If you want to see whose is the best you can watch above. Thank you 😊 


Övgü ve Öykü

Causing Awkward Silences – Is Orange the New Black?

When you speak in another language and live in another culture, it is almost inevitable that you will find yourself in awkward situations. Knowing this, and more importantly, having experienced many, I have a weird confidence in the US: If I find myself in a funny or embarrassing moment, I have an excuse, I am a foreigner.

That being said, there was a time  Continue reading