Such a beautiful sentence…

Let’s be honest. We don’t remember all the books we read. We forget some key characters and even the plot line, while we can remember a small random detail that may not have a major role in the story. Or sometimes we remember just one quote and a few characters that somehow influence us.

Crumble (Lay Me Down, Justin Timberlake) by Sheila Callaghan is one of the plays that left a nice little quote to me:

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A Link to Happiness: Self Respect

Self respect is the key to make right decisions. We need to respect our own thoughts, feelings, confusions, wishes and dreams. No one can really know what our dream is or what we are actually thinking and feeling.

self respect

Isn’t it difficult to express the real ‘me’? Isn’t it sad that we often choose what is offered and do not share our actual abilities?

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Lisemiz Robert Kolej Hakkında – video

Yeni bir video ile karşınızdayız. Youtube’daki yorumlardan birinde Robert Kolej ile ilgili bilgi istemişti bir izleyicimiz. Biz de onun önerisi ile lisemizi anlattığımız bu videoyu çektik. Kendimizce alt başlıklara ayırdık.

  1. İngilizce Dil
  2. Öğretmenler
  3. Arkadaş Ortamı
  4. Eğitim Sistemi
  5. Sosyallik ve Aktiviteler
  6. Sonrası

Biz lisemizi kendi gözümüzden anlatmaya çalıştık. Tabii ki yüzeysel kaldığı yönler olmuştur, zaten videoda da dediğimiz gibi, sonrasında ekleyecek ve söylenecek ne kadar fazla şey olduğunu fark ettik, ama şimdilik bu kadar olsun.

Daha önce de bize Robert ile ilgili sorular sorulmuştu, en kısa şekilde böyle anlattık. Umarız beğenirsiniz!



Övgü ve Öykü

An Autodidact Freedom Searcher – Gorky

For the last couple of years, whenever I gazed over the shelves of the bookcase, this book attracted my attention. Finally I had a chance to read it: True Stories by Maxim Gorky.

Some books are fun and easy to read, while some give a different kind of literary satisfaction. Gorky’s stories are not difficult to read, but they also have that sweet taste of literature. It has been a long time since I read such a literary work and it felt good.

I just finished the book and I wanted to write a post about it. Characters are described quite well, I felt like I already know these people who lived more than a century ago. Some of the stories tell folk stories, some have epic sounds, but all have realistic approach to character descriptions, and they all tell the search for freedom. Many parts have long philosophical parts about freedom, meaning of life, and change in life styles as people move towards cities.


In this image, two grass-heads accompany the book, True Stories by Maxim Gorky.

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