Planting Pineapples at Home?

Probably you have have come across with one of those videos where they show you how to grown your plant at home. These are quick videos of how to grow fruits and vegetables from seeds, how to make your plant flourish, how to propagate cacti or succulents, and how to take care of your succulents. Among them, there are some unbelievable videos like the ones that show how to grow kiwi inside a banana – come on, don’t play with our feelings!

Anyways, we saw a video about growing your own pineapple at home and decided to give it a try. We normally don’t buy whole pineapples, in fact we seldomly buy pineapples in any form, but we realized it is a good excuse to buy it for planting. We had missed the taste too, of course. We cut the head of it, detached two to three lines of the bottom leaves like it showed in the video and simply placed it in a pot of soil.


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Tears of Love

The title sounds lame but wait until you read this post.

A few weeks ago we went to a florist.  The owner has turned his large backyard of his little house to a plant storage, almost a plant-house and now he cultivates seedlings of citrus, jasmine and bougainvilleas. He also sells pots of flowers, mostly to be planted, and a very small collection of succulents. Oyku and I love succulents and when we went near them we saw a different looking plant. We had seen that plant for the first time in our lives and before we could ask about it the owner told the name: ‘Tears of Love’. It seemed as if this was one of his favorites. He explained that the plant doesn’t have flowers, but when a little bud drops on the soil, a new plant grows from there.

We think this plant is a succulent or a type of cactus (forgive our lack of knowledge about succulents and cacti; we may not know much, but we are admirers) and propogation is possible with the small buds. We wonder Continue reading

Aşkın Göz Damlası

Biraz arabesk bir başlık oldu ama yazıyı okuyup öyle karar verin.

Geçenlerde bir çiçekçiye gittik, ama öyle buket çiçek satanlara değil. Bu çiçekçi limon fideleri, begonviller, yasemin fideleri ve daha birçok çeşit ağaç fidesi satıyordu. Tabii küçük saksı bitkileri de vardı. Öykü ve benim gözlerim kaktüsleri aradı, o sırada gözümüze şu güzel bitki çarptı, kaktüslerin tam yanında.

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