How to deal with difficult people

(Note: I have written this blog post a couple years ago, sometime before the pandemic (isn’t it funny that now we define time by referencing the pandemic) and left it on drafts, and totally forgotten about it. Very recently, I was going over the draft posts and saw this article. I think everybody has to deal with difficult people in different parts of their lives, and maybe this post might help some of you.)

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As a person who always loved reading novels, I have recently (last five years, I would say) started to enjoy reading non-fiction books, especially self-improvement books. However, after reading one good personal growth book that makes you learn about yourself and helps you feel good, you want to read more books that can do the same. It can easily become a habit. More importantly, when you reread the book that made you a better version of yourself a couple of years later, you realize that you already forgot most of it and you start to make the same mistakes again. Therefore, I try to spend some time reading good books on how to feel better, how to appreciate things and so on.

But sometimes,

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2022’de Neler Okumalı – Kitap Tavsiyeleri

Yeni bir yılın başındayız ve yıllık okuma hedefi koymak için harika bir zaman. Eğer okumak için kitap arıyorsanız biz de kitap tavsiyeleri verebiliriz. Kitap önerilerimizi Youtube sayfamızda paylaşıyoruz ama burada toparlayıp size kategoriler ile biraz fikir vermek istedik.

2020 yılına girerken yaklaşan pandemiden habersiz kendimize 2020 için 20 kitap okuma hedefi koymuştuk. Evet evlere kapandığımız dönem kitap okumak için müsait bir zaman gibi dursa da aslında çok da kolay olmadı yirmişer kitabı tamamlamak. İkimiz de farklı 20 kitap okuduk ve böylece yıl boyunca toplam 40 kitap öncelemesi yapmış olduk. 2022 için okuma listenizi oluşturuyorsanız bu yazı ve videolar tam size göre! Beğendiğimiz ve beğenmediğimiz taraflarını da konuştuğumuz için size iyi fikir verebilir.

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The World of Forbidden Words, The List

Imagine that you can only use 500 words in your daily life. These words are enough to express the basic needs and serve the simple talks. Or are they? You cannot use the word pineapple because it is forbidden; so use fruit instead! Oh and you cannot use the big words like freedom. Is it possible to be free without having a right to use the word freedom? Are the words just a bunch of letters that come together for a meaning? Can a word be powerful enough to hold the actual driving force to express the feelings, aims or even actions?

Think about the words you use a lot during the day. How would you feel that those words were forbidden? What would you do or talk if there were guardians around that listened to you and controlled what was being talked?

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A distopian world that limits communication is curious enough to make you think about the words and language. Between the seriousness of adulthood and the creativity of childhood,

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On Jane Austen’s Emma

Here I am, with a brief review of my second book of the year, Emma. If you have been following us you know that we are doing a 20 books for 2020 challenge. Although it has been a slow start we are continuing reading and sharing.

After I read a book, I start to research about it to see what other people think. I was surprised to see that –

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20 Books in 2020 | JOIN US!

We are inviting you to join our 2020 goal of reading more books!

Every year, people look back on the previous year and think about the things they have done, people they met, what they have accomplished and so on. We also think about new resolution for the new year. Oyku and I also did that many times and we have blog posts about it for the years 2016 and 2017. For the last two years, we have become more abstract with our new year wishes, like being happy, taking time to relax and have fun, spending time for things we love. These are precious goals, but they are not tangible or quantifiable.

This year, for the wonderful year 2020, –

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Such a beautiful sentence…

Let’s be honest. We don’t remember all the books we read. We forget some key characters and even the plot line, while we can remember a small random detail that may not have a major role in the story. Or sometimes we remember just one quote and a few characters that somehow influence us.

Crumble (Lay Me Down, Justin Timberlake) by Sheila Callaghan is one of the plays that left a nice little quote to me:

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How We Met Khaled Hosseini – New Youtube Video

Check out our latest video on Youtube! We talked about how we met the famous author Khaled Hosseini. We were at Skidmore College doing our Citizenship Project for our Honors Forum Minor. In Saratoga Springs we led a book discussion at a nursing home and it was a wonderful experience!

We have the Turkish version of this video too. You can find it in our Youtube Channel!

On the Birthday of a Turkish Poet, Özdemir Asaf

Today is the birthday of Özdemir Asaf, who passed away 36 years ago and still remembered dearly by Turkish literature fans.

We got quite interested in literature when we were in high school, and Özdemir Asaf was one of the poets who taught us how deep and sophisticated Turkish language can be. Even his shortest poems are enough to make us think.

We wanted to remember him on his birthday.

He has a lot of poems and it is hard to pick the favorite ones, but to give an idea we wanted to write the names of his poems that we love.

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Best Moments of Art | Ramdomness of Street Music

Playing on a street and interacting with the people around; one of the most beautiful moments of art…

I used to watch this video when I was in high school. I was a big fan of Yann Tiersen back then (I still am a fan) and I enjoyed listening to his musical pieces as I wrote. I also listened to him while reading, sometimes as a soundtrack.

I know almost all of Tiersen’s pieces, but this video above is one of my favorites. Warm lights on a beautiful random street, before it is dark, peaceful music and happy people…

Let the world be this beautiful…



Kürk Mantolu Madonna – Madonna in a Fur Coat

Lisedeyken okuduğumuz Sabahattin Ali’nin kitabı Kürk Mantolu Madonna hakkında bu kadar haber çıkarken biz de bu kitabı yeniden hatırladık.

Sabahattin Ali kitabı için şunları söylemiş zamanında:

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