Iyi bayramlar!

Herkese iyi bayramlar!

Eskiye özlem duymadığımız, günümüzü sevdiğimiz ve yarınımıza güvendiğimiz nice bayramlar olsun.

Daha çok okuyalım, gülelim, paylaşalım, anlayalım ve sevelim…


Meyve şeklinde şekerler 🙂


Övgü ve Öykü


To the years that we won’t miss yesterday, to the days we will love and to the tomorrows we will trust…

Let’s read more, laugh more, share more, understand more and love more.


Ovgu and Oyku

Some thoughts for such a pink day… | Böylesine pembe bir gün üzerine düşünceler…

For the past week we have came across with so many conflicting comments on Valentines Day; some think it is narrow-minded to celebrate your love and valentine on a specific day, while some believe that it is just a nice excuse to spend a day with your significant other. We all acknowledge that these kind of days (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc.) are found for the sake of economy, that the gifts and chocolates we buy on these days help the economy grow. It is a commercial day, but it can be a nice way to remember love.

But why do we only remember our significant other? Continue reading