How We Met Khaled Hosseini – New Youtube Video

Check out our latest video on Youtube! We talked about how we met the famous author Khaled Hosseini. We were at Skidmore College doing our Citizenship Project for our Honors Forum Minor. In Saratoga Springs we led a book discussion at a nursing home and it was a wonderful experience!

We have the Turkish version of this video too. You can find it in our Youtube Channel!

Graduating and more… | Mezuniyet ve dahası…

It’s been a while since we wrote our last post. In the mean time we graduated from college and freaked out about graduating even though we are starting graduate school this fall. We are so used to school life – having many friends around all the time, and having some kind of duty like assignments or projects – that finishing this kind of life style seems hard. We feel like we don’t know any other way of life, because school has always been the center of our lives.

For a long time, it did not feel real that Continue reading