Design is in love with emotions

Design is a good friend of technology. Computer brings them together and we see their collaboration in various forms, like web-design, architecture, fashion, visuals… However, design is in love with emotions; therefore, trends rise from the human effects like passion, love, envy, inadequacy and longing.

That is why there are two ends of development for design. As we move to a modern and space-like design trends with the help of technology, we also move towards the ethnic and rarest bits of culture that make us feel unique and safe, in a way. We want oriental elements with modern details.

These photos are from Elmaci Pazari in Gaziantep, Turkey. Since we were born in there, we always found the ethnic elements as the typical details of life. However, as we traveled outside this city for our education, first to Istanbul then to the US, we started to grasp the meaning of culture, and the depth of past. We realized that some cultural details that belonged to our past had nothing to do with other people’s life. Yet, these ethnic forms and utilities somehow show themselves in daily lives of these people who had never been to Elmaci Pazari in Gaziantep, because culture does not have an exclusive identity and no boundaries when it is a part of a design. Because, design longs for a concept and the best forms can be found in the roots. And of course, because design is in love with emotions. 

The concept of future somehow manages to encapsulate the past and now. Design offers opportunities to bring different cultures and when we let design to love emotions, collaboration can be the future of design.


Ovgu and Oyku

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Fıstıktan Yapılan Kahve: Menengiç Kahvesi – Coffee Made With Pistachios: Menengic Coffee

Hiç fıstıktan kahve olur mu?

Olur. Menengiç kahvesi yabani fıstıktan yapılıyormuş ve doğal olarak kafein içermiyor. Tadı pek kahveye benzemiyor. Adına aldanıp kahve diye içince garip bile gelebilir ama aslında kendine has yağlı ama güzel bir tadı var.

Gaziantep’te doğal olarak (fıstığın merkezi olduğundan) birçok yerde, lokantalarda kafelerde bulunuyor ama İstanbul’da karşılaştığımı hatırlamıyorum. Eğer karşınıza çıkarsa denemelisiniz. Özellikle sütlü ve şekerli harika oluyor.


Türk kahvesi gibi görünüyor ama aslında sütlü ve tadı farklı – Looks like Turkish Coffee but this tastes different and has milk in it. Photo from:

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Wrong names on Starbucks cups – Kahve bardaklarında yanlış isimler

When you have an unusual name, it is hard to get a Starbucks coffee with your name written right on the cup. My name is Öykü and after living in the US for some time, I already gave up hoping people to understand my name for the first take. With the dots, or umlauts like in German, my name is already hard to pronounce. Ö sounds like Continue reading

And it snows again – Karlar düşer…

There is something peaceful with snow. Everything gets covered with soft white flurries and after some point quiescence fills the streets. Get something warm to drink while covered with a blanket and look up to the sky and try watching the snow flakes fall down; it is greatly soothing, like meditating.

Snow is joyous especially for children. We used to pray for it to snow, so that we could build snow man and just play with it until we got so cold. Not to mention Continue reading

Race is Not Limited With the Appearance; Appearance is A ‘Single Story’

As an international student I have given so many opportunities to think about what I am doing here in the US. No, not in a negative light – and by the passive voice in the sentence before this, I try to tell that not only I think about the fact I am a foreigner, but also I am surrounded by factors that remind me that I am a foreigner.

Being a foreigner starts with (sometimes) traveling. A person learns about herself the most when she travels out of home to live in another country. I travelled out home for high school; it was a travel within the country, and then I travelled out of home for college in the US. Both transitions were interesting and sometimes difficult because of the cultural differences.

When I watched the Ted Talk “the Danger of a Single Story” I could Continue reading

Change Places to Change Prespectives

Every traveller knows that every place you visit has something special for you, because one view tells a different story for every different traveller. Öykü and I have travelled a lot, after we have started high school away from our hometown. Actually ‘changing places’ is a better way of describing our life. Then, a new phase has begun
for us – comparison. We could see what others didn’t see in Istanbul. We loved little details that most people took granted for.

When we came to the US we compared our new life to where we have lived before and what we have seen. By the word ‘comparison’, I don’t mean a superficial way of looking at two different places and finding differences and similarities between them. What I mean is Continue reading